All You Wanted To Know About Web Hosting in Dubai

The connotation of the technology renowned as the World Wide Web is not only exceedingly increasing but also rightly so. In these times of advanced technologies, the internet has made it possible for us to do a variety of tasks from the comforts of our home and without having to foray outside. Such is the dependence on the internet that it is nearly impossible to imagine a life without the internet.

However in real terms, one should also comprehend the role of web hosting services and servers; as because of them, it is possible to host different web portals on the internet. Web Hosting services in Dubai make it an easy task for individuals and companies to make their individual web portals accessible to one and all through the internet. For small requirements such as a basic web page, content is uploaded by FTP (File Transfer Protocol), but the widest spread one is the HTTP and there are also instances where IMAP is brought into play.

Dedicated hosting characteristically means utter trustworthiness, reliability, and guaranteed server uptime. If you happen to lay your hands on a web hosting service provider who has dedicated servers, rest assured that they will provide you with 99.99% server uptime. Now let us come down to the different types of web hosting in Dubai accessible in the current market scenario. Free web hosting is accessible but has limited functionality and relies largely on advertisements.

Shared hosting is much popular and places your website on a server where several others are already placed. These numbers may be in hundreds or thousands. A shared website may be hosted with a reseller but all the domains in here share common server resources such as RAM and CPU. Reseller hosting allows the clients using the server to proffer web hosting services themselves.

The varieties are many in number; reseller hosting service providers can have their own dedicated servers or can have a collocated server. Sky Host has cloud-based servers with almost 0% downtime. This is a superb web hosting solution which can assist individuals and corporations in more ways than one. VPS hosting or Virtual Private Server Hosting actually divides server resources into virtual servers, wherein the hardware is not affected and the resources are distributed likewise.


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