Reseller Hosting in Pakistan

Reseller hosting is a great way to begin your own hosting business. You can sell web services for a profit or give them as to better enhance your offerings to your clients. In other words you can say It refers to a kind of web hosting platform where in the registered user has the ability to use allotted bandwidth and hard drive space to host websites on behalf of third parties. What the reseller does is that he will purchase the service of the host, generally at a wholesale price, and then sell them to customers for a small profit. Resellers also provide portions of the bandwidth and memory to the customers.reseller-hosting.jpg

Points to keep in mind before getting started:-

Reliability – A website cannot be up 100% of the time, so there are some maintenance tasks to be performed. This is the time when site must be taken offline but if it happens frequently and stretches for a long period of time, then you are in trouble. Check out carefully the guaranteed uptime and between 95% and 99% is good. Do not get lured by service providers who promise 100% uptime, as it is not possible. So, start with a reliable web hosting company and stay safe.

Customer Support – Inquire about the support staff and their availability when you buy web space from any service provider. Your customers will have to depend on their customer support for any sort of technical problem faced by them. Therefore, it is your responsibility to check whether the customer service is up to the mark or not as your reputation depends on it.

Future Plans – It is crucial to inquire about the future expansion plans of the service provider so that you can create plans accordingly. Ask whether they can expand storage space in future if required by your customers. Put as much queries as possible and there is nothing bad in it and you will understand it even better.

For best results, do as much research as possible about reseller hosting services and make profits

Select a Steady and Dependable Business

Solutions offered by another company are sold in reseller web hosting. Hence it is important to select a dependable and steady business. You will need to see a few things like the package or plan offered, the people involved, pricing, up-time that has been guaranteed, the infrastructure’s expertise and the customer support. After this, it is the reseller account that has to be considered.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Reseller web hosting in India


Being a reseller means that you are in complete control of your own business. In other words, you can create your own plans to sell under your own brand name and no one will ever know the difference unless you tell them.

To help you run your business you will be provided with a control panel that will allow you to bill your clients, handle your settings, and price your packages.

There is no expertise required because your hosting provider manages the servers for you; however, you must know the essentials of hosting so that you are better able to market and sell to your customers.

Your servers are fully supported by your host which allows you to focus on your business.


Being a web hosting reseller is disturbing because it is a business that certainly not sleeps, so that means that you will need to be available to handle your customer’s issues as they rise.

If you sign up with a hosting provider that is unreliable, then you will also be unreliable to your clients.

Is Reseller Hosting Really Worth The Value?

The upper reselling sites are primarily end point that offer the best reseller hosting. This can be something value being thankful for you, though there are many things you must be careful of when you are bearing in mind using reseller hosting for yourself or turning into a reseller of hosting

Reseller web hosting features

The service provider of reseller web hostingoffers the following services. It offers unlimited domains, MySQL databases, sub-domains and email accounts. The service provider will provide flexible control panel and 99.90% uptime guarantee. Private name servers that is based on the domain and safe harbor certified, site builder accounts, and free domain name. Many other features are offered like specification of disk spaces, databases, account creation, latest cPanel control panels and referrer and error logs etc.

Cloud Web Hosting

Servers offered by the service providers may also include cloud web hosting and the servers provided by the service provider may be premium in nature. Such cloud hosting can be Linux or Windows based. They also offers shared and reseller web hosting from time to time. In cloud hosting the client does everything in a virtual environment with a remote hosting process.


Many people are awfully tired about spamming and they want their email free from the same. In their web hosting process the service providers offer anti-spam email that will automatically filter out the spam messages. In similar analogies the email containing spam, virus or phishing elements shall be filtered out as well.

Other Facilities

Some other facilities that the quality service providers of cPanel hostingprovide for their clients include daily backup of data. In result the valuable data is not lost and everything remains secure with them. Usually cPanel as well as control panel does give the clients control over the use of the server. It would be possible managing all systems and server side facilities as well as DNS entries through various web based interfaces.

Using WordPress web hosting with full control of cPanel could be one of the inexpensive and efficient web solutions available in the industry.

Choose the Best Reseller web Hosting:

Looking for cheap reseller web hosting in Pakistan. There are many web hosting companies which provide reseller hosting in Pakistan. Sky Host is the one of the Top of them who provide best & cheap reseller hosting in Pakistan.


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Reliable Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated Servers

Web space is fast assembly pace. Today, we can hardly continue without the simulated medium. Website owners create imaginary sites and bombard them on the web traffic. Amusingly, we scarcely ever notice what transports the sites to us.

Servers make web space operative possible

Men read finished helpful periodicals, marketers look for SEO concerned with sites, affiliate and MLM programs run widely yet people do not give much notice to what’s creation it all possible. Web hosts attach the sites to the World Wide Web and lets us reach the viewers that we have our eyes on.

dedicated cloud image

Different kinds of Servers

Web hosts offer us with different kinds of servers for hosting our sites. Dedicated Server is one that server. It hosts our site completely and lets us gain full admittance and control over the server. Yet, we are not the possessors of the server if you however along those lines. Ownership leftovers with the web hosts.

Dedicated Servers can be quite handy

Dedicated Servers can run very compound writings and hence it is a great boon to the big corporations. Such corporations need to be completely hosted. This is where they feel the need to support to Dedicated Servers. Yes, they can also seek the Managed Servers or the Colocation Servers but these tactics are more luxurious and are generally more susceptible to technical malfunctions.

Dedicated Servers offer smart uptimes

Dedicated Servers come with a very extraordinary uptime. Let’s exemplify. 99.9 percent uptime earnings that you can be associated to the web for as much as 999 hours every 1000 hours. This way, your business will never be troubled. Normally, you get downtime owed to server restarts and planned maintenance.

Features of a Dedicated Server

Normally, the Dedicated Servers are located at redundant, high quality data centers. Round the clock support substructure is another smart feature of these servers. With Dedicated Servers, you can install any software that you might think important, you can also assign web server space and modify the server for better control.

Dedicated Linux and Windows Servers

With Dedicated Linux Servers, you may become operating systems like Linux, Free BSD, CentOS and Debian. Dedicated Windows Servers are a little more expensive but offer delightful scopes to website venders.

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How to Save Money on Dedicated Servers

dedicated servers

So you have finally decided to get a high-end business hosting plan. When it comes to business web hosting, it really does pay to add a little more for better services. This is particularly true in case you want to make sure that your business booms on the internet.

For medium sized and large businesses only dedicated servers and managed dedicated servers are considered. Other people decide to scrimp and take out a small business web host. But with small business web hosting, you also get a smaller bandwidth and less speed. This is why when it comes to business web hosting, you should try to up your budget to some extent and set it a little bit more than other hosting plans you have ever purchased. After all, there are surely some other areas where you can cut costs to make up for your business hosting investment.

Get Your Hands Dirty

In present time, it is pretty easy to manage your own website whether it is for personal use or for business use. Cutting cost in a website means getting fully hands-on in the experience. This means instead of getting a website administrator, you should easily play this role by yourself. You can cut down costs in this area with much ease because there is technically little managing to do when you already invested a lot of your assets into better and bigger bandwidth, thereby making your website less prone to crashes and reaching maximum server limits. This actually decreases your load as a website administrator. You no longer need to hire one as a result.

Go for Ad Placement

Saving money may also translate to generating a bit of income to make up for the investment you put in the dedicated server hosting plan. You can offer ad placement for services or products that are the same as yours but you do not necessarily carry (because if it is the same, then it will just kill business for you). Every time some of your clients click on the link of related products, you get a bit of revenue out of it.

Seek Small Scale Help

Nowadays, it is much cheaper to outsource online instead of hiring other people from actual companies. If you need someone to restructure the website or add some cool marketing ad campaigns. You can simply log on to an outsourcing website and have the people bid for the job.

The great thing about dedicated server is it is quite easy to do so and the output is fantastic. More and more people are getting creative and their rates are on the competitive side. It is a win-win situation because you get the help you need, get amazing output and you do not have to spend so much for it. For instance, you can buy cheap dedicated servers hosting. All you have to do is to simply look around. Spend time finding the ideal outsourced or freelance artist or graphic designer to give your website that much-needed energy. These are all great areas where you can cut costs or make up for the amount of money you invested in the high-end business hosting plan.

Learn how to choose the best business web hosting choose Sky Host and you will not regret. Know more about our hosting services by clicking on the link: and follow the link for dedicated server packages in Pakistan – You can also call us at 042-35942212 and speak directly with our representative anytime.web hosting

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Difference Between Dual and Quad Core Dedicated Servers

Although the internet is still considered a recent addition to modern technology, its rapid growth has created a user base of many millions around the world. With more data being stored and transferred online every day, more internet users are finding the need to acquire web hosting services and dedicated hosting services to utilize this tool to its fullest potential and fit each individual’s needs.

Dual vs Quad Core Processors

Dual and quad core processors are ideally suited for servers that are in high demand or running multiple applications or multiple instances of applications at the same time. They also make excellent virtual server platforms giving you the ability to allocate entire cores to individual guest operating systems. As a general guideline, customers with high traffic requirements should consider using a dual quad-core server. A pair or more of clustered dual quad core servers with a dual-core database server in the back end is nearly guaranteed to service popular websites. This is especially true if your website is heavily using a programming language such as high-level languages.

A slow website can affect your business prospects. One of the main reasons for the customers to stop browsing a particular website for their e-commerce is its slow performance. It can be very frustrating for the customers to wait for a long time for the transaction process to be completed. More often than not, the user will leave your website after waiting for 8-10 seconds and will never return again.

Server Load Balancing

A dedicated server will offer you more options in terms of scalability. If your website receives a number of users than normal and starts to slow down, you can balance the load on your server by splitting the customer load across two or more these servers.

The difference between dual core and quad core dedicated server is a multi-core chip. This chip can execute multiple instructions at the same time. There are two cores in a dual core server while a quad core possesses four cores. All the cores are on the same chip though. So, they share the same memory and data path to the motherboard. Hence, a quad-core chip may be able to execute the instructions four times faster as compared to dual core processor. However, that does not mean it can receive instructions from ram four times faster.

Sky Host is a professional web hosting service provider. We offer a wide range of dedicated servers in Pakistan and best dedicated server in Karachi. To explore more about dual-core dedicated servers and buy dedicated servers, visit us at or dial 042-35942212 to directly speak with us.

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What to Look for in a Reseller Hosting Company When Opting for Reseller Plans

Commercial business owners, publishers, and authors have couple of options to choose from when it comes to utilizing a web hosting service for their websites. According to their needs they may get a hosting plan from a reputed hosting company in the town or otherwise they get hosting services from a reseller hosting firm having good repute in the market. Sky Host is one of the full-fledged web hosting companies in Pakistan that offers economical and reliable hosting plans to fulfill all your hosting needs. You can check our hosting packages visiting our website or otherwise contact us at 042-35942212 and learn more about our services.

Difference Between A Web Hosting Company and Reseller

Apart from providing hosting services, there is a basic difference between a proper web hosting company and a reseller firm. A real hosting company has its own servers and other hardware required to host various websites. On the other hand, a reseller company gets the right from a hosting firm to further resell the bandwidth and server space under their own brand name. A reseller does not need to buy its own server or hardware in fact.

Resellers are customers themselves but are also in the business of reselling hosting services depending on what they think will suit their potential customers for reseller hosting in Pakistan.

It may also be that resellers only rent a certain bandwidth and storage space and then offer different types of hosting packages. The plans may be in line with that of the mother company or they can be unique ones offered by the reseller.

Considerations While Choosing A Reseller Firm

In case you prefer to get the services of a reseller hosting company, there are following considerations that you need to take into account:

Quick Response

Quick response to your query is a good measure you can use in finding a trusted company offering reseller hosting in Lahore or reseller hosting in Karachi. The quicker is the response the much reliable company it will be. A quick response to your call, email, or chat message means that they value customers whether they are existing clients or potential ones still inquiring about unlimited reseller hosting packages.

Quick response time is an important consideration because, in the event that you decide to go with the company, you expect the same prompt reply when you encounter any kind of technical issues. A reseller hosting company that makes you wait is not worth your time and money.

Continuous Growing and Stable Company

You also need to find out as much as possible the mother hosting company from where the reseller gets a portion of the bandwidth and storage space it offers to customers. Things you have to determine are if the main hosting firm owns the server hardware they use and if they have invested in advanced backup systems as well as add-ons that they provide to clients at no or little cost.

The number of years the main and the reseller hosting firms have been in business is also a good sign. A company that has been working in the market for a decade or couple indicates that it is on the right track and is the best possible option for you to go for reseller hosting in Pakistan.

As for as the resellers are concerned, you can check reviews about their services over the internet. Before singing up with a reseller hosting company, you should make sure about their credibility and their stay in the business.

Reasonable Hosting Plans

Sky Host offers best reseller hosting across the country. You can get any hosting plan to start your own reseller hosting in Lahore or reseller hosting in Karachi. Our reseller plans range from 5000/- PKR to 12000/- PKR for the whole year. With these packages you get 10 to 35 GB disk space, unlimited bandwidth, and 10 to 50 domain add-ons option. Also, there is no limitation to create email addresses. Furthermore, you get 24/7 dedicated customer support. So, do not wait anymore, pick up the phone, dial 042-35942212 and speak to our professionals who are always there to answer your queries.

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How to Successfully Rent a Game Server

Computer games and game servers have been rising meteorically in popularity. Game servers in Pakistan are remotely operated dedicated server utilized by game server providers or clients to allow single or multiple persons to play in the same game environment at the same time. This is also referred to as multiplayer video games. The most common games being played online are:

  • Counter-Strike Servers
  • Battlefield Servers
  • Left4Dead Servers
  • Call of Duty Servers
  • Americas Army Servers
  • Day of Defeat

These are just a few as there are 1000’s of online games to play.

Performance of the Server

The performance and quality of the server greatly depends on the network bandwidth and system setup. Internet connections being used at home have major limitations in operating game servers, even with just four to ten players. In fact, it can even put too much stress on the computer, which definitely means poor game performance and quality. Normally, this is due to the simultaneous complex roles that a computer must perform such as computing the needed data.

Broadly, game servers can be classified into two types i.e. dedicated servers and listen to servers. A dedicated server is usually run by providers using dedicated hardware placed in the data centers to provide higher bandwidth for better processing performance. Dedicated server is the commonly used type, especially by pc-based multi-players. To get full control of the game, it can also function on network servers for a bigger environment and more players.

That is why there is a need for a good web hosting company to have a system that can process data fast and easy. Most providers use dual quad-core servers and they are not your average desktop pc. A provider that has several data centers is a good choice, although you may have to pay higher prices for the rental fees. Moreover, this is one of the commonly used game server set-ups by online gamers.

Features of the Server

Since you need to control and reconfigure your setting to suit the game, there is also a need to choose the right provider offering game server hosting in Pakistan that can provide the features that you will be using. See to it that the control panel can be utilized to install add-ons to manage your settings. It is much better to choose a hosting company in Pakistan that can offer you 24/7 technical support, especially in the case that you are not much experienced in the game hosting.

Don’t forget to explore the hosting services Sky Host is providing. You can know more about the hosting services by simply dialing 042-35942212. We will feel pride in serving and adding you to our happy family.

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Web Hosting – The Final Step to Put Your Business Online

You have pondered all the web development books, gone through tons of online tutorials and finally managed to create your own state of the art website. But then again you are not done yet as your website cannot be accessed online by your targeted audience. The final step you have to take to put your website online is to get web hosting services.

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting refers to the process where you acquire a web space to publish your website so that it can be accessed from anywhere over the Internet. There are many web hosting companies out there that can host your website. Some for free and others for a small fee depending on the size of your website and as well as additional features you want to add on to your account.

Finding A Web Hosting Company

Now that you know what web hosting is you might be wondering how to find a web hosting company. Do not worry at all, as this is very easy. All you have to do is some good research on your web browser. Scan through the several web hosting companies listed and find one that best suits your need, select a plan and pay. For more accurate and reliable advice on the hosting company, it is advisable to go through some review sites that review various web hosting companies and their services.

Reliable Web Host

Always look for a reliable organization that offers good customer service, less downtime, with state of the art infrastructure because no one wants to have a website that is frequently down due to poor service by the host. This is because a significant downtime may cause loss of business, income or credibility from your website visitors.

Publish Your Website

When you are done creating an account with your chosen host, it is the time to publish your website that you worked hard on. Make sure to update regularly, do routine maintenance and advertise or market your website in order to keep it fresh and increase website traffic. You can incorporate money making programs into your website. Some web hosting packages include tools to create galleries, blogs, e-shops and other features that you can use to enhance the functionality and appearance of your website.

When you have a business generating handsome revenue, then its time go for dedicated server hosting to enhance the security measures and to keep your business running smoothly. Sky Host offers several kinds of hosting packages to fulfill your diverse hosting needs. All you need to put your business online is to sign up with Sky Host by dialing 042-35942212. Furthermore, you get 24×7 technical support that makes sure your online presence round the clock.

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All You Wanted To Know About Web Hosting in Dubai

The connotation of the technology renowned as the World Wide Web is not only exceedingly increasing but also rightly so. In these times of advanced technologies, the internet has made it possible for us to do a variety of tasks from the comforts of our home and without having to foray outside. Such is the dependence on the internet that it is nearly impossible to imagine a life without the internet.

However in real terms, one should also comprehend the role of web hosting services and servers; as because of them, it is possible to host different web portals on the internet. Web Hosting services in Dubai make it an easy task for individuals and companies to make their individual web portals accessible to one and all through the internet. For small requirements such as a basic web page, content is uploaded by FTP (File Transfer Protocol), but the widest spread one is the HTTP and there are also instances where IMAP is brought into play.

Dedicated hosting characteristically means utter trustworthiness, reliability, and guaranteed server uptime. If you happen to lay your hands on a web hosting service provider who has dedicated servers, rest assured that they will provide you with 99.99% server uptime. Now let us come down to the different types of web hosting in Dubai accessible in the current market scenario. Free web hosting is accessible but has limited functionality and relies largely on advertisements.

Shared hosting is much popular and places your website on a server where several others are already placed. These numbers may be in hundreds or thousands. A shared website may be hosted with a reseller but all the domains in here share common server resources such as RAM and CPU. Reseller hosting allows the clients using the server to proffer web hosting services themselves.

The varieties are many in number; reseller hosting service providers can have their own dedicated servers or can have a collocated server. Sky Host has cloud-based servers with almost 0% downtime. This is a superb web hosting solution which can assist individuals and corporations in more ways than one. VPS hosting or Virtual Private Server Hosting actually divides server resources into virtual servers, wherein the hardware is not affected and the resources are distributed likewise.

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Web Hosting in Dubai For Small Businesses

When choosing a hosting service provider there are a few things you need to consider whether they are a good web hosting option for you. There are literally thousands of web hosting companies and providers trying to get your business. Competition is very high in each and every niche. However, it can make finding the right web hosting solution a much bigger challenge.

Linux or Windows Hosting

There are many things you have to consider when choosing the Web Hosting in Dubai. The first thing to consider is what kind of a server you need. Normally, you will have a choice between Unix/Linux and Windows. It would be decided on the basis what kind of software you are familiar with. Microsoft technologies will run on a Windows based server. Linux is probably the more common platform being used.

The next consideration is what features and options you are going to need for the website or multiple websites and domains to put live. At first glance, the plans offered by most of the providers are going to look almost same. However, if you spend some time and do a comparison you will notice that not all feature lists are the same.

Technical & Customer Support

The technical support and customer support options go along with that list of features. Some of the help desks will install scripts and setup databases for you as part of the service. Others will charge you for an additional cost to install or setup any additional services.

The good news is that more and more companies are offering these web hosting solutions. Sky Host is at the top among these hosting service providers. Going past the first steps of actually setting up of a website, you need to be able to host it on places where people can find you. Web Hosting in Dubai is really a brilliant option for you to think about launching your business online. Market your business through both traditional and digital means. This is the solution that is going to let you gain the business success that you need.

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Evaluation of Web Hosting Solutions

On the off chance that you are running a well-known business and are thinking about your own site to promote your products and services then you must start finding a web hosting administration as well. Before diving into it, you must know what exactly web hosting is.

What is Web Hosting?

Basically, web hosting is the act of leasing or renting some space on a web server. A web server stores files of websites on it. The server is managed through software that sends and receives files stored on the server. The monthly dues you pay for hosting services are basically monthly maintenance and upgrading fee. In the event that you are beginning your own website, it is essential to choose which hosting package will best suit your necessities. You must decide whether you will go for shared hosting, a dedicated hosting or VPS hosting.

Shared Hosting – In a shared server, the cost is kept low by dividing the server space among all users. This is the most financially savvy approach to begin a site. Depending on the package a person buys, they are provided with specific resources. Usually, powerful and busy sites use dedicated hosting. These are the sites that grab a considerable amount of traffic and are stronger than the smaller web pages.

VPS Hosting – For the individuals who require more out of their server yet not exactly prepared for a dedicated server may pick VPS hosting. VPS servers are in-between the shared hosting and the dedicated hosting. In VPS hosting, you have more control over your sites as compared to shared hosting. This sort of hosting is a little bit costly as compared to shared hosting. However, it is more affordable than the dedicated hosting. In case you do not have enough technical abilities to look after your server then VPS hosting is the best choice for you.

On the off chance that you are searching for web hosting in Dubai, it is vital to consider what precisely your necessities are. Consider the amount of bandwidth you will require and additionally how much disk space you will require. On the off chance that your business is developing then you ought to develop your business to accommodate your clients. Change is a good thing especially when it comes in the right direction. Business development is certainly a positive change so if your business is moving in the correct direction then VPS hosting could be the best alternative for you.

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